16 September 2011

Glory in Death (if you will)

Here's some art that I drew for a Warhammer 40k game developed for the N-Gage phone. There's a random sample of screen grabs (images 1-11) and original art, plus a sheet of talking-heads which were used throughout the various scenarios in a manner similar to Advance Wars.
For the cutscenes I drew loads of individual figures and props and they were then animated cutout style by the talented Mister Rob Swinburn.
Although I do play all sorts of games I'd never got into the Warhammer thing, so I have to admit to being a tad intimidated when I realised how much wonderful art had been done on the subject. I was especially taken by the black and white work of Adrian Smith, a truly gifted artist.


Mark Montague said...

Wow!! This blog is fantastic. More ! More!

Nigel Kitching said...

It's great to see all this stuff Mick - hope you have the patience to keep it going

Adrian Johnson said...

I second Nigel. As a big McMamahon fan, seeing all this art hits the spot nicely. Can never get enough!
Thanks, Mick!