04 September 2011

Some Decap Attack thumbnails and final art

I've just been sent faxes of these thumbnails for the first Decap Attack that I drew (thanks Nigel). Seeing them again I'm reminded what a struggle I had with the Professor character, never did really get a grip on him. All good fun though!


Martin B said...

Ha!, its really interesting to see this type of genre of work from you. As a Dredd fan, I don't think I would ever have recognized this as your work, which surprizes me as I was able to spot your stuff at 1000 paces.
I see an american army helmet in the rough version that didn't get into the final. Ironside not part of this cast?

Martin B said...

...also like the new profile pic.

Nigel Kitching said...

Never had a moment's doubt that Mick would be great at humour stuff. And what a treat to see him draw my characters - well not mine exactly but you know what I mean. Decal Attack was based on an obscure Sega game.