03 October 2011

This blog has moved

New address: http://tuggingyourcoat.com/

Mislaid a few comments setting up the new site for which I do apologise.

I thank you.

16 September 2011

Glory in Death (if you will)

Here's some art that I drew for a Warhammer 40k game developed for the N-Gage phone. There's a random sample of screen grabs (images 1-11) and original art, plus a sheet of talking-heads which were used throughout the various scenarios in a manner similar to Advance Wars.
For the cutscenes I drew loads of individual figures and props and they were then animated cutout style by the talented Mister Rob Swinburn.
Although I do play all sorts of games I'd never got into the Warhammer thing, so I have to admit to being a tad intimidated when I realised how much wonderful art had been done on the subject. I was especially taken by the black and white work of Adrian Smith, a truly gifted artist.

07 September 2011

Pencils that go with some Decap Attack thumbnails and final art

Courtesy of my official archivist Nigel again.

06 September 2011

Brilliant - the Black Death!

That's what you say on Christmas morning when you unwrap your presents and find yourself holding yet another tome about death in the Middle Ages. I've always hankered after some sort of work that might feature Plague Doctors. Here's one I did earlier.

Elijah at the BBC

These are my only relics of the design work I did for the Elijah chapter of the BBC's Bible in Animation series. The director Derek Hayes wanted to use my drawing style of the time for the animation, so I had a marvellous three or four months creating all the moving bits - characters, animals, chariots etc.

04 September 2011

Some Decap Attack thumbnails and final art

I've just been sent faxes of these thumbnails for the first Decap Attack that I drew (thanks Nigel). Seeing them again I'm reminded what a struggle I had with the Professor character, never did really get a grip on him. All good fun though!

03 September 2011

Inky Stuff

Still messing about with pens.